About Us

Out of the Crate’s mission is to facilitate social, emotional and physical well being through animal assisted education and connection, enhancing the lives of all beings.



 Out of the Crate was established to creatively and positively impact people and animals.   We take the lead from dogs as an inspiration and prescription for happiness and well being.

About the founder

Helaine Fischer, is an experienced entrepreneur and seasoned business builder. She began her technology career in the early 80’s at a leading database software company and later worked for large hardware and software organizations running sales, marketing and business development departments. In 1990, she founded an emerging technology company, PaperClip Software (still around today) and invented and patented consumer products for children including the first tooth brush timer winning the “innovative product of the year.”   In 1996, she became partner at AxcessNet, assisting early stage technology companies with funding, organizational development, strategic partnering and merger/acquisitions. Throughout her career she has successfully brought start-up technology companies to public offering and mentored executives to do the same.

Since 2002, Helaine has focused on enhancing people’s lives through transformative, holistic programs within corporations, schools, colleges, health and wellness organizations and non profit companies.

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