Happiness Has Fur Description

The Secret to Happiness Has Fur: A New Prescription for Health and Happiness. In this introductory PackTime, we explore specific ways dogs inspire us to enhance our lives through mindfulness, gratitude, connection, exercise, communication and acts of kindness.

We will explore:

  • Our basic human needs
  • The science and “how to of happiness”
  • Dogs and cats:  role models for well being
  • Ways to enrich our dogs’ and cats’ lives—happy pets make happy humans

What should you expect? To the casual observer, our PackTime looks like a group of people having a friendly chat. But what might look like a relaxed, engaging conversation is actually much more. We meet in  small groups, receive carefully created resource guides, and participate in activities. We answer thought-provoking questions, share perspectives and ultimately gain clarity on the topic presented. Expect to leave the experience energized and armed with useful information to take into your life.

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