Out of the Crate

Out of the Crate Inc, a 501(c)3 public charity, is dedicated to enhancing your happiness and well being through animal assisted education and connection.

People are highly social beings and require meaningful connection to survive and thrive. As it turns out, dogs can fulfill that need.  Research indicates that dogs provide people with an abundance of health benefits including reducing anxiety & depression. They encourage exercise, playfulness and laughter. Physically, dogs boost our immune system, reduce high blood pressure and improve our heart health.  Emotionally, our canine companions impact our optimism and provide non-judgmental friendship adding years to our lives.  

What We Do
Emotional Support Matching Program

Out of the Crate will match a special dog with an individual, family or organization in need of an emotional support animal. We provide education and assistance at “both ends of the leash” to ensure a successful transition and rewarding relationship. 

Out of the Crate Events & Visits

Along with a friendly therapy dog, we visit people in schools, colleges, senior facilities and non-profit organizations.  Visits range from short happiness breaks to interactive, educational events.

PackTime Discussions and Community Service

Through our innovative twist on a discussion group, called PackTime, volunteers and participants learn helpful information about integrative health, behavioral science and animal insights. Participants take what they learn into action and perform meaningful community service helping others.